Jelly Candy Toys Necklace


Chain: about 59cm

For Pink colorway :

☆ Lyrical Bunny (Pink)

・ Vertical: Approximately 3.5cm

・ Horizontal: Approximately 1.9cm 

☆ Riritomo-chan (Sax)

・ Vertical : Approximately 2.8cm 

・ Horizontal: Approximately 1.2cm 

For Mint colorway :

☆ Hanikami Bear (Mint)

・ Vertical: Approximately 2.9cm 

・ Horizontal: Approximately 2.4cm

☆ Juri (Yellow)

・ Vertical: Approximately 2.5 cm 

・ Horizontal: Approximately 2.1 cm

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Data sheet

Acrylic resin, Alloy