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[Reservation] Stripe Girly Cafe Set

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[Dress size]

・ Length: approx. 87 cm

・ Bust: approx. 92cm

・ Waist: approx. 74cm

・ Dress length: BNP ~ approx. 34 cm

・ Shoulder width: approx. 34cm

・ Sleeve length: approx. 23cm

・ Sleeve width: approx. 51 cm

・ Cuffs: approx. 30cm

[Apron size]

・ Length: approx. 24cm

・ Belt width: approx. 3cm

[Headbow size]

・ Ribbon length: approx. 13 cm

・ Horizontal: approx. 15 cm

・ Ruffle width: approx. 5cm


☆ A different fabric is used for the collar, frills, and cuffs.

☆ Heart tulle (100% polyester) is used for the yoke, frills, and front frills.

☆ Broadcloth (100% cotton) is used for the apron.

☆ The color of the apron and lace will be white.

☆ Satin ribbon is used.

☆ Apron and back ribbon are removable.

☆ Dress, apron. It is a 3-piece set of headbands.

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Data sheet

Less than 80cm
Less than 100cm
Shoulder width
Less than 35 cm
Striped broadcloth (100% cotton), Polka dot broadcloth (100% cotton), tulle lace, chemical lace