Sunny Day Brunch Onepiece

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・ Length: approx. 92cm (including lace 4 cm)

・ Bust: approx. 92cm

・ Waist: approx. 73cm

・ Dress length: BNP~approx. 34cm

・ Shoulder width: approx. 33cm

・ Sleeve length: approx. 25cm (including cuffs 4cm)

・ Sleeve width: approx. 43cm

・ Cuffs: approx. 29cm


★ Original Sunny Day Brunch print Viera is used.

★ Original strawberry pattern tulle lace is used.

☆ A separate fabric is used for the yoke.

☆ Twill (100% polyester) is used for the scarf.

☆ Satin ribbon is used.

☆ The color of the lace and the other fabric will be white.

☆ The color of the scarf and ribbon will be red.

☆ Scarf and back ribbon are removable.

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Less than 80cm
Less than 100cm
Shoulder width
Less than 35 cm
Original Viera (100% polyester), broadcloth (100% cotton), tulle lace, cotton lace, chemical lace