[Reservation] Astrology Jumperskirt Sepcial Color

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Outer fabric: Original organdy (100% polyester)
Base: Back satin (100% polyester)

Tulle lace

Outer material, separate area, foundation, race

・ Length: about 100-103 cm on the outside
・ Inside about 90-93 cm
・ Bust: about 84-100 cm
・ Waist switching position: about 78-100 cm
・ Height: BNP ~ about 29-32 cm
(Because of the back shirring, there is some flexibility. Adjustable shoulder straps)

★ Original Astrology print organdy is used.
★ The original Three Stars emblem is used.
☆ The color of the patch is silver for lavender and gold for everything else.
☆ The back ribbon is removable.

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