Nlab, a Japanese media, came by Angelic Pretty Paris store!

We are glad to introduce their new article :

"Between the passion of beautiful old clothes and the enthousiasm of contemporary culture :
The circumstances of French lolita fashion" 

Angelic Pretty Paris is featured in and we also took some souvenir pictures! 

Don't forget to check the full article in Japanese: See article on Nlab

Nlab interviewed Kawaii and lolita ambassadors from France troughout several clever questions. They also mention our unique events, such as our Anniversary Tea Parties! 

- How did you discover lolita fashion?
- How do lolita meet and communicate? 
- Lolita fashion is inspired by French historical costumes. For French people, is it traditional fashion, like Japanese people usually like kimono ? Or is it something new ? 
- In France, most girls wear simple or sexy fashion. Do the people close to you accept the fashion though they don't know about lolita culture?
- What are the differences between Japanese and French lolita?


You can find our shopgirls, Mila and Marine, at Angelic Pretty Pairs! 

If you are interested in Lolita community in France or Europe you can check the following associations: 
"Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban" and "French Café".

As the only Angelic Pretty store in Europe we are glad to promote lolita fashion all around us!