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One of the many different options of top to wear is called a Cutsew, an element that is widely appreciated by sweet lolitas. This kind of top can be worn instead of a Blouse.

The word “Cutsew” comes from the words “Cut&Sew” which is a Japanese term with no English equivalent. It is used to describe a top with stretchy fabric sewn together. The main part of the shirt is of stretch material, but the sleeves and collar can be of other fabrics, usually decorated with laces and bows, pearls etc... Cutsew stand out from Blouses because of their style and material.

Cutsew tops are made of opaque material, it can be worn with skirts (SK) while blouses with see through material can’t. They are very appreciated with Saloptte (OT) for a more casual look.

The cut&sew can be worn for any occasion, summer because of the breathable fabric, winter with parka and pullover tops, under any type of dresses with straps (Jumperskirt or JSK) or under salopettes.