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During a Tea Party, a j-fashion event or a meet-up between friends, the coordination will vary! It is why Angelic Pretty offers different options of petticoats (petticoat or panier, to be worn under the skirt part to give it volume), lacy shorts (bloomer, to be worn under the petticoat or panier, or under the dress directly) ... which are essential for a Lolita silhouette. 

There is 2 types of shapes for petticoats:

· « bell-shaped » or « cupcake » : a round shape like a bel.
Exemple : Dress-Up Pannier

· « A-Line » : a straight shape like an A.
Exemple : Princess Long Petticoat

To make sure your petticoat is not visible under your dress, it is recommended to pick a length of at least 5cm less than your dress (OP or JSK).

All that you need to do is decide which shape and length works best for your wardrobe!


The Apron is a timeless element in Lolita fashion. It can give an Old School Lolita vibe or even a touch of Country to a Lolita coordination. Ideal for fruits themed (strawberries, cherries, lemons etc) and flower or Spring themed, the Apron will bring an original touch to your sweet Lolita outfit!

It can be made of cotton or organdy, often decorated with kawaii embroideries and bows and frills. The Apron is a cute element to add to your Lolita wardrobe!