Commande spéciale ♡ Special order

You are interested in an Angelic Pretty item that isn't available on our Online Shop ?
We can make a special order for you with any adding fees! ☆

To place your order, please fill up the following form and send it through our CONTACT page.

♡ 1. Full name:
♡ 2. Phone number:
♡ 3. Postal address:
♡ 4. Shipped or in-store withdrawal:
♡ 5. Name of the item or link to the Angelic Pretty Japanese online shop: (if possible)

♡ 6. Quantity:
♡ 7. Colour:
♡ 8. Size: (if applicable)

Step 5 to 8 should be repeated for any additionnal item you would like to order.

Before ordering make sure to read the further notice

♡ The availability of the item(s) you ordered must first be confirmed, this process can take few weeks.
♡ It happens that some items aren't available anymore. 

♡ You can order on sale items but the discount won't be applied. 
♡ Special orders are trust-based relationships, if your order is confirmed you are committed to pay.
♡ Payment: once we receive your order, you will be able to pay through the Online shop (with a special item for you to check out) or at the Angelic Pretty Paris store. 
♡ Shipment: the order can be sent to you (by paying the shipping fees during your online check out) or can be withdrawn at the Angelic Pretty Paris store.