Here are the information about the Magical Horoscope 
reservation at Angelic Pretty Paris! ☆ 

☆☆Period of reservation☆☆
May 9th  (Thu.) ~ May 15th (Wed.) 7PM

☆☆Items available for reservation☆
3 colors: Ivory, Sax & Navy

・Magical Horoscope Onepiece ♡ 322€
・Magical Horoscope Jumperskirt ♡ 310€
・Magical Horoscope Headbow ♡ 49€
・Magical Horoscope Overknees ♡ 30€

Delivery estimation: End of May

※Delivery dates are estimations and may be changed. Thank you for your kind understanding.


・Magical Horoscope Onepiece
Length : about 92cm
Bust : about 91cm
Waist : about 70cm
Shoulder Width: about 34cm
Sleeves Length: about 39cm

Cuff : about 25cm

・Magical Horoscope Jumperskirt
Length : about 93cm
Bust :  about 92 ~ 100cm
Waist Switching : about 71 ~ 81cm
(The back shirring offers some flexibility)

☆☆How to reserve☆☆
・You can send your reservation e-mail to Angelic Pretty Paris:

・Use « Magical Horoscope reservation » as an e-mail subject

・Complete this form inside of your e-mail:
- Your full name:
- Item(s) you would like to reserve:
- How would you like to pay? (Paypal or credit card in store )
- Paypal address: (if you want to use Paypal)
- How do you want your item(s) to be delivered? (Pick up at Angelic Pretty Paris or postal delivery)
- Postal Address:
- Phone number:

・When we will receive your e-mail, we will tell you more about the payment and ask you to follow the instructions.

・When we will receive your full payment, we will confirm your reservation.

・If an item is reserved by several persons at the same time, priority will go to the first one to pay.

・There is a limited number of each item, we may not be able to confim your reservation if the item(s) you want is/are already sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

☆☆Purchases limit☆☆
1 piece per person for the same item of the same color.

・We can not accept cancelation, trade or modifications once the reservation is confirmed.
・We can not proceed to a reimbursement once you have paid.