Here are the information about the Made To Order Milkshake Series reservation
at Angelic Pretty Paris! ☆ 


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Circular Skirt ♡ 202€


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Dot Circular Skirt ♡ 202€


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Blouse ♡ 166€


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Cutsew ♡ 129€


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Small Polka Dot Hairband ♡ 49€


[Made To Order]
Milkshake Large Polka Dot Hairband ♡ 49€

☆☆Period of reservation☆☆
June 17th (Mon.) 4PM~ June 20th (Thu.) 7PM

☆☆Items available for reservation☆
3 colors : Pink, Red & Black

・Made To Order Milkshake Circular Skirt ♡ 202€
・Made To Order Milkshake Dot Circular Skirt ♡ 202€

・Made To Order Milkshake Blouse ♡ 166€
・Made To Order Milkshake Cutsew ♡ 129€
・Made To Order Milkshake Small Polka Dot Hairband ♡ 49€
・Made To Order Milkshake Large Polka Dot Hairband ♡ 49€

Delivery estimation: from Janurary 2020
※Delivery dates are estimations and may be changed. Thank you for your kind understanding.


・Made To Order Milkshake Circular Skirt & Milkshake Dot Circular Skirt

Length : environ 60cm
Waist : environ 64.5 ~ 80cm

・Made To Order Milkshake Blouse
Length : environ 51cm
Bust : environ 94cm
Waist : environ 88cm
Shoulder Widht : environ 36cm
Sleeve Length : environ 23cm
Cuff : environ 30cm

・Made To Order Milkshake Cutsew
Length : environ 52cm
Bust : environ 82cm
Waist : environ 74cm
Sleeve Legnth : environ 31cm
Cuff : environ 36cm

☆☆How to reserve☆☆
Reservations can be made directly on our website and in-store* ♡

☆☆Purchases limit☆☆
1 piece per person for the same item of the same color.

・We can not accept cancelation, trade or modifications once the reservation is confirmed.
・We can not proceed to a reimbursement once you have paid.