Laforet Harajuku World Tour / Paris 2017

Angelic Pretty Paris is joining the HARAJUKU World Tour Paris 2017 launched by Laforet HARAJUKU! Angelic Pretty, iconic lolita and kawaii brand, will be attending Who's Next/Premier Classe events (professionals only) and the pop-up shop Laforet HARAJUKU at L'EXCEPTION, from September 23rd to Octobre 3rd 2017. Come by to have a look and buy our latest collections!

«【Laforet HARAJUKU】Opened in 1978. Tokyo's leading dedicated fashion building, with 140 tenants dealing in ladies' and men's wear, accessories, shoes, bags, CDs and cafés. Here you can enjoy the latest fashion, culture and food. It exists as a base communicating information about fashion and culture and consistently attracts those who are sensitive to prevailing trends. It plays a role as a landmark for Harajuku, the fashion city. Laforet HARAJUKU, which will mark the 39th anniversary of its opening in October 2017, has launched the Laforet HARAJUKU World Tour to strengthen its ability to bring Harajuku fashion culture to the world. It is scheduled to run a booth at Who's Next/Premiere Classe, an international fashion trade fair and to open a pop-up shop at a select shop called L'EXCEPTION. » more info

Salon Who's Next/Premiere Classe
VIPARIS - Porte de Versailles
1 place de la Porte de Versailles
75015, Paris, FRANCE
From September 8th to September 11th 2017
Forum des Halles
24 rue Berger,
75001, Paris, FRANCE
Pop-up Shop Laforet HARAJUKU from September 23rd to October 3rd 2017