Here are the information about the Usagiyorokobu Hananoen
reservation at Angelic Pretty Paris! ☆ 

☆☆Period of reservation☆☆
May 28th  (Thu.)  ~ until out of stock

☆☆Items available for reservation☆
3 colors: White x Pink, Pink x Sax, Mint x Pink
・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Onepiece ♡ 755€ 
・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Jumperskirt ♡ 599€

3 colors: White x Pink, Pink, Mint x Pink
・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Headbow ♡ 115€

2 colors: White & Pink
・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Blouse ♡ 226€

3 colors: Pink, Sax & Mint
・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Clip ♡ 76€

Delivery estimation:  Mid of June

※Delivery dates are estimations and may be changed. Thank you for your kind understanding.


・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Onepiece

Length : about 101cm (12cm hem skirt included)
Bust : about 88cm
Waist : about 84cm
Height : about 24cm

Shoulder Width: about 34cm
Sleeves Length: about 48cm (9cm lace included)

Cuff : about 114cm

・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Jumperskirt

Length : about 105cm (inside : about 88cm)
Bust :  about 90~ 100cm
Waist Switching : about 79~ 95cm
Height : about 30cm

(The back shirring offers some flexibility)

・Usagiyorokobu Hananoen Blouse

Length : about 54cm
Bust : about 92cm
Waist : about 100cm
Shoulder Width: about 36cm
Sleeves Length: about 34cm
Sleeves Width : about 34cm

Cuff : about 100cm

☆☆How to reserve☆☆
・You can made your reservation directly on our online shop here :