Dear customers, 


We are informing you that starting from October 20, 2022, our online store will no longer combine orders. 


We had put in place a system of automatically grouping orders from the same reservations to reduce your shipping costs. 


However we have been received an increasing amount of complains about this system. 


We value our customers’ feedbacks and are dedicated to their satisfaction, following these complaints about grouping orders, we have decided to no longer group reservation orders. 


We are also aware that multiple orders for the same reservations are often due to a lack of time to put all the desired articles in your shopping chart. Hence, we have increased the cart timer from 10 minutes to 15 minutes so that there is enough time to pick out all of your articles in a single order and proceed to checkout. 


Your shopping cart will be completely emptied 15 minutes after adding the first article. 
These articles will be put back in stock on the online store. 


We hope this new system will generate less confusion and allow an easier shopping experience, as well as a processing orders smoothlier. 


Best Regards, 


Angelic Pretty Paris